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HemaLogiX® is an EMR integrated software system that optimizes the use of blood products, resulting in improved patient outcomes and lower costs. HemaLogiX® increases awareness of evidence-based practice.

What is HemaLogiX®?

HemaLogiX® is a transfusion management system built from a clinician’s lens that considers patient-specific variables in all adult settings. HemaLogiX® aggregates current data from disparate platforms and applies evidence-based guidelines. The platform includes an interactive dashboard with a visual representation of the percentage of transfusions that were deemed appropriate by its evidence-based algorithm.

How Does It Work?

At the heart of HemaLogiX® is the Transfusion Appropriateness Algorithm (“TAA”), which assesses transfusion “appropriateness” by assessing over 80 patient variables (e.g., vital signs, lab values and medications) and applying evidence-based knowledge curated with input from practitioners in over 30 different specialties and sub-specialties at University Hospitals. HemaLogiX® also includes a data analytics platform that supports peer comparisons, departmental performance assessments, DRG filters and focused patient chart reviews.

US hospitals perform 16 million transfusions annually. Approximately 40% of these transfusions may be unnecessary.

Transfusion Appropriateness Algorithm

80+ Patient Variables

Variables include vital signs, lab values and medications.

Evidence-Based Knowledge

Includes input from 30+ Subspecialties.

Clinically Indicated Transfusions

Reducing risks to patients and costs to hospitals.

Exceptional Results

University Hospitals of Cleveland saved $2.5M in annual direct costs at its Cleveland Medical Center during the first 12 months after implementing HemaLogiX. An IRB supported study quantified a decrease in blood usage of over 10% and a 14% increase in the appropriate transfusion percentage.

Advantages of HemaLogiX®

HemaLogiX® Has Four Distinct Advantages Over Competing Blood Management Solutions

Compelling Rationale

Assesses 80+ patient variables & applies evidence-based knowledge.


Includes all adult patients and blood components.

Accurate Attribution

Assigns responsible providers at the time of order.

Real-Time Results

Utilizes current clinical data. Future release will provide guidance at the time of order.

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